Narcissists Cannot Love Anyone and That Includes Their Children

Gordon has brainwashed my children into thinking that I am a bad mother. He has done this systematically over many many years. His emails, letters and texts reveal his true attitude towards them.

He has alienated his children against the one person who loves them unconditionally and loves and supports them no matter what.

That is how much he loves them.

narcissist and children
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It is all facade management by the narcissist to make everyone think he loves his children when in reality they are objects used to control.

These articles describe situations which occurred before, during and after the divorce. The narcissist claims in writing on a couple of occasions to love the children and to want what’s best for them.

This is clearly a lie.

It is clearly demonstrated by the abusive, threatening and inconsistent texts, emails and letters.

It is also shown by the fact that the children have suffered psychological abuse and parental alienation with me being the target parent.

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