narcissistic abuse

This episode shows how the narcissist lies, manipulates and uses my daughter and me to arrange a weekend in Amsterdam with the new supply.

He met his new ‘friend’ as he called her around February 2007.

When this weekend took place I had no idea he had a ‘friend’. It was only after the events described below that I found out.


How the narcissist uses my daughter as an excuse to get a weekend away in Amsterdam with his new ‘friend’.

By February 2007 the narcissist had found his next victim. I must admit that I was shocked at how quickly he did this. We had know each other for thirty years – since we were teenagers.

When I asked why he did this he said that he couldn’t be on his own. 

I was in no state to have a relationship and devoted myself to my recovery, dealing with the machinations of the narcissist and to my children after the separation.

He obviously didn’t feel he needed time to adjust and focus on the divorce and his children’s well being.

We were still going to counselling so that tells you what he thought about that! He only went so he could tell someone else how damaged and beyond hope I was. He was hoping to triangulate using the counsellor!.

I found out about the new supply by chance because he took her out for the day in my car and she left a book on the seat together with her ‘wish list’ and address.

Did she do that deliberately I wonder?

A few days later his ‘friends’ existence was confirmed by my children’s badminton coach.

My daughter plays badminton and was playing in a tournament in Amsterdam.

Although it was the narcissists weekend to see the children, he asked if I minded if he didn’t see my son and youngest daughter that weekend  because he wanted to ‘surprise’ my daughter by going to Amsterdam and turning up at the tournament she was playing in unannounced.

He tried to make it appear that he was such a lovely father! What a joke!

I had no idea he was taking his ‘friend’ with him to meet my daughter. How he thought this was a good idea and has the nerve to accuse me of damaging my children’s ‘mental health’ is beyond me!

So, the narcissist took his new beau, whom he referred to as his ‘friend’ at this point, to the tournament which obviously distressed my daughter quite a lot.

At the next practise session the head coach pulled me aside and told me that my daughter  had not played well and she was clearly distressed, because the narcissist  turned up with his new ‘friend’. 

The mother of one of her fellow team players had seen the narcissist  and his ‘friend’ on the plane and she asked me who his friend was. She must have though he was having an affair unbeknown to me. 

I was shocked and embarrassed and felt so bad for my daughter that she had had to experience this insensitive and manipulative behaviour by the narcissist. 

The irony is HE accuses ME of harming the children’s ‘mental health’ as he calls it

In reality it is the narcissist who has done this since the day they were born by brainwashing them against their mother!


The Narcissist Is Wounded When I Have a New ‘Friend’

The following are the sick and disgusting texts he sent and his wounding by my new relationship it clear to see. There are disturbing sexual references in these which are just plain weird!

Once again he triangulates my daughter in a disgusting way when he says, “

No prob. Me picking up B. I”11 have plenty of time to TACTFULLY explain the new sleeping arrangements in her home.”

Note there are seven texts sent on the same day – the 4th July 2007 which is most likely the day he discovered I had a new ‘friend’. 

The spelling mistakes are written by the narcissist. 

04/07/07 09.06

No prob. Me picking up B. I”11 have plenty of time to TACTFULLY explain the new sleeping arrangements in her home.

04/07/07 09.15

I am really scared about wat ur goin to do to the children with a succesion of men in their mums bed n sleeping together under their noses. You don’t care about their mental health. Its been obvious for a lond time.

04/7/07 10.23

Im doin my job are u doin yours?-  1E teaching the kids in case you have forgotten. Or RU in your bedroom doin your own thing.

04/07/07 13.35

Looks like the garage again tonite for the desparate shag sesh. Please let the kids no where u r in future with all your dating men. Maybe just say going to the garage for a meeting.

04/07/07 16.17

Never acuse me of not makin enuf cash for u. I lose a days pay while u tidy for and feed ur live in boyfriend and. Holiday in

Lapland Scotland and usa . Buy laminate floors and champagne in restaurantes 4 them. You need 4 fifths of equiltryto maintain ‘the kids’ lifestyle.

04/07/07 16.24

In case u were wondering- yes I am livid. At the way the kids are being treated by you. I fully undestand wat u meant wen u saids its now me time

04/07/07 19.16

I feel sick wen I think of the way u ye shown our kids how sexual relationships work.


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