triangulation using the children

In this text the narcissist Gordon admits to using the children in a triangulation against me. He uses them to threaten and manipulate me.

He used the standard abusive language he uses regularly. “Everyone thinks its dispicable that you use the children like this..” when in fact it is he who uses the children as a tool to seek revenge on me.

He hates me so much that he doesn’t care that the children are suffering and being used by him.

This text from Gordon is a clear example of projection where he acusses me of doing what he has done.

He is demonstrating that he is talking to the children about me when I am not present are brainwashing them against me.

Children are simply collateral damage in the havoc and devastation the narcissist leaves behind them. 

This video explains some of the tactics Gordon used to manipulate the children.

He bought a cat to attract my daughter who loved animals. She ended up looking after the cat as he left it at home alone all day.

He decided after 16 years that he was all of a sudden, into teaching her art which he had no interest in doing in the past.  Previously he would blame the children for not being interested when I asked him why he didn’t teach the children to draw. (He was an Art Teacher at one point.) 

He hoovered my daughter doing much of the course work for her.

I wonder what he told her about me during all those hours they spend doing art together?

No doubt he played the victim and I was portrayed as the bad person.


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