parental alienation

The University of Worcester conducted a study called “Coercive Control Of Woman as Mothers via Strategic Mother- Child Separation”.

The link to the study is here.

The study looks at the behaviour of abusive men and their strategies to undermine the mothering role and damage the mother child relationship.

The study explains the process that narcissists use in order to separate mothers from their children in order to punish them for the narcissistic injury they suffered when the relationship broke down.

I have experienced many of these first hand from Gordon the narcissist which has resulted in the alienation of my daughters. 


“Abusive men who use coercive control with women and children can actively interfere
in the mother-child relationship, abuse women as mothers, use and abuse children to harm
their mothers, undermine women’s mothering roles, and engineer mother-child separations.
This article identifies the mechanisms of this aspect of coercive control associated with
motherhood and stresses the vital roles that professionals play in the ‘success’ or ‘failure’ of
strategies targeting mother-child relationships.”