The Narcissist In Action 

These videos were filmed  by me when my son was born. They capture the dynamics and the hatred for each other that the Ashton family has. John verbally, emotionally and psychologically abused his wife their entire married life. She had no idea that she was living with a narcissist. I know she was miserable because I remember conversations with the narcissists sister where she would tell me that her mother was crying because of the behaviour of John her narcissist husband.

I witnessed her abuse first hand evey time we visited. When I defended her and asked why they spoke to her like that they laughed at me and said ‘ what is she like?’  I heard that from Gordon the narcissist.He enjoyed telling everyone what I was like. He is the master of smearing me to everyone including strangers!

My heart is broken because I chose an evil monster – a malignant  narcissist incapable of love as a father for my precious children. When I look at my baby son here listening to the abuse the pain is almost unbearable. I am so sorry my precious children.

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