What is Parental Alienation in a Nutshell?

The Narcissist I had the misfortune to marry has alienated by children from me.

They believe everything he has ever said about me.

The believe I am crazy, a mad woman, mentally deranged and beyind hope, up the pole and heaven knows what else he has told them about me!

Listen to Dr Childress describe it here.

Parental Alienation is child psychological abuse.

The target parent is alienated by a narcissistic parent, It messes with the attachment bond and has lifelong consequences for the child.

Parental Alienation occurs when there is a cross-generational coalition with the narcissistic parent against the target parent.


Signs of Parental Alienation


1. Suppression of the normal attachment bond towards the target ‘ normal range parent’ which does not happen in any other disorder. It is an attachment pathology caused by pathological parenting by the narcissist.

2. 5 symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder towards the targeted  parent are shown:-

  • Grandiose judgement of the target parent;
  • a sense of entitlement toward the target parent;
  • a lack of empathy towards the target parent;
  • haughty behaviour;
  • demonization of the target parent;

3. Victimization in that the child believes that they are the victim of the targeted parent and they have an ‘encapsulated purgatory delusion’ that the target parent is evil. Encapsulated means that it is only shown towards the target parent.

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