narcissism primary sources from gordon ashton

I have written about my life with the narcissist many time over the years to help me to understand what was happening to me and to try to make sense of my feelings of confusion, depression, anxiety and general misery caused by the ‘relationship’ with the hollow shell of a person that is the narcissist.

I have put a copy of the original writings and documents here.

Those of you who know why I have done this will have lived with or known a narcissist yourself. If the narcissist finds these,  he will have the overwhelming and unstoppable  need to defend himself at all costs.

I will be smeared, slandered, everyone in my family including my children, will be told ‘what I am like’ and triangulation using my children and other  family members is bound to occur.

He, the narcissist will accuse me of making it all up and I would go so far as to say that he will believe that I have manufactured these artefacts – because I am mad, deranged, up the pole, a mad woman, a crazy woman and beyond hope.

I hope these documents show you how the narcissist thinks and how he behaves to protect and defend his  weak and pathetic ego at the expense of everyone and anyone – even his children whom he pretends to love.

His outstanding ability to lie and his utter lack of empathy shines through in his texts, e-mails and letters.

So does the complete disregard for his children who are nothing more than pawns in his game of self defence.


writings from a narcissist
emails from a narcissists
narcissists letters from solicitor
narcissists correspondences

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narcissism primary sources from gordon ashton
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