Smearing and Lies!


In this letter from Panonne the narcissists solicitors, they say that the narcissist has told them that the divorce petition was served on him in July when they were served by the court on June 18th 2007.

He lied.

The narcissist tells his solicitor that I have physically assaulted him throughout the marriage.

He lied.

And also says that he has kept a ‘careful diary record’.

He lied.

His solicitor writes this lie in a letter to my solicitor.

I wonder if the narcissists solicitor wrote this of their own volition as a stock letter or did the narcissist tell a blatant lie.

Pannone also says that the narcissist was himself going  to serve divorce papers so nurr! What a childish thing to say!

Here are more lies the narcissist told during the divorce.  


‘Throughout the marriage he has been physically assaulted by your client. He has kept a careful diary record of your clients behaviour over the years and he is concerned that there was an assault as recently as 3rd June 2007. ‘ 

This lie is also a smear. 

The solicitor goes on to say that the reason he left was not because of the physical assaults but because I  ‘demanded’ that he leave.

One would think that a poor victim of physical assaults throughout a marriage would have left long ago and not need to be ‘demanded’ to leave.

The most astounding thing about this letter is that the solicitor actually engages with the narcissist and writes whatever they are told to write.

The solicitor must be laughing all the way to the bank!

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