These video clips shows the narcissist aged about 35 telling his mother to shut up and laughing and ridiculing her; the narcissists father calling his wife a ‘that’; and the two narcissists ridiculing the victim. 

This was what I had to endure from the narcissist for 27 years.

In the clips you can see the behaviour of the narcissists father, who taught him all he knows.

The narcissist sound quite scared when he speaks to his father. His voice is timid and shaky.

In the clips you can also hear the father of the narcissist in action abusing his wife. She endured 50 or more years of this from him. She was ridiculed, laughed at and called ‘mad cow’ constantly.

During family meals and events he would openly call her ‘stupid cow’, laugh at her, roll his eyes and snap at her.

It was so embarrassing to watch and humiliating for her.

Of course everyone thinks the father narcissist is a sweet old man now.  They know but choose to forget the misery he caused her.  She suffered and had a sad life with this man.

You can see the death stare the narcissist father gives me as I film him when he triangulates the baby by saying that the baby is asking ‘What’s THAT I’m looking at’ when his wife plays with the baby.


‘If You Shurup For a Minit’

This video is an example of the way in which the narcissist spoke  to his mother. In the video he says to her.

‘If you shrup for a minit e sez somet in the gaps’

Ironically the father narcissist sort of defends his wife by saying,

‘Oh! Sometimes.’ To which the narcissist replies in a really shaky voice,

‘No, all the time.’

It is a very strange interaction between the two narcissists.


‘What’s THAT?’

In this clip you can hear the father narcissist talking to the baby and saying, ‘What’s that I’m looking at’? several times.

He is putting words into the babies mouth to dehumanize his wife into a ‘that’.

The victim even goes along with it by repeating ‘What’s that?’ and ‘What is it? ‘followed by, ‘something from outer space’.

The narcissist father John gives me the death stare as I film. He hates me just like his son does! But as he is a narcissist he hates everyone.

Father and Son Narcissists Ridicule The Victim

The father and son narcissists both attack the victim when she tries to tell me about a phone call she has had from a relative in Australia.  They make no attempts to understand what she is talking about, ask questions or show any interest at all.

The narcissist son puts words in her mouth by stating that she said two days on a plane which he immediately jumps on to ridicule and laugh at her, when in fact she says ‘two days away’.

The father narcissist corrects her by snapping at her with a head gesture as if ‘telling her off’. His wife looks bemused.

This is an example of the laughing I was victim of most day. 


I had to witness this abuse whenever we visited. For example she couldn’t make the narcissists cup of tea properly apparently, although they had been married for thirty years. Whenever she made him a cup of tea he would get angry, tell her off and complain about something.

It was the most astounding thing to watch this happen every time she made him a cup of tea. 

Once, I asked the narcissist and his brother John why their father verbally abused their mother and said I found it uncomfortable and  embarrassing, They both laughed at me, rolled their eyes at each other and the brother said,

‘ I know, But WHAT is she like?’

He is most likely a narcissist too.

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