Barbara tells of smearing

During the contact I had with my sister which you can read about here she told me an interesting piece of information that stunned me. Gordon has been smearing me since day one! Even at my fathers funeral he took the opportunity to tell everyone what I was like. That was his favourite phrase,

“Everyone knows what you are like!”

I have texts, letters and e-mails from him where he tells me that this person, that person and the kids know what I am like! You can read where he wrote that here.

Once I learned about narcissists and narcissistic abuse I understood what has been happening and how I have been smeared since the day we met!

During the divorce he smeared me to his family even getting them to allegedly write to me to tell me what I was like. He no doubt wrote the letter for them. You can read that here.

What a fool I was!

This video talkes about narcissistic smearing and explains what it is and why narcissists use it as a tactic. It’s all about control, fuel and recruiting ‘flying monkeys’ who assist the narcissist in their quest to destroy you. 

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