narcissists abuse

Gordon started the verbal abuse, put down, undermining me, belittling me as soon as we met. I was used to being emotionally abused and ignored by my narcissistic parents so Gordon treated me in a manner which was familiar to me. 

I met quite a lot of nice men but they were not attractive to me as they were too nice. In other words they did not behave in an abusive and controlling manner.

Abuse I received from Gordon:-

1. Mimicking my facial expressions such as  raising one eyebrow.

2. Calling me names such as ‘Fat Belly Jones’.

3. Calling me ‘The College Bike’.

4. Mimicking the way I laughed.

5. Ridiculing the way I use my hands when I talk.

6. Announcing that I make everyones life a misery.

7. Telling me I am ‘crazy’, ‘mad’, ‘damaged’, ‘deranged and beyond hope’, ‘up the pole’,

8. Saying ‘everyone knows what you’re like’.

9 Saying ‘even the kids know what your like’.

10 Laughing at what I say and do.




11.Telling me to ‘be told’ .

12 Stonewalling and ignoring me.

13. Devaluing everything I do.

14. Tell’s me what I think and what I don’t think

15. Constant sarcasm.

16 Telling me that ‘all I do is …..file my nails, shop online, read, go on the computer, buy frock, buy plant’, and so on.

17. Blaming me for everything.

18 Telling me that any opinion I have is a critisism of him.

19 Belittling me in front of the children and challenging my parenting decisions.

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