poor me narcissist

Gordon was a  ‘poor me’ victim type of narcissist. He sighed, huffed and puffed and rubbed his face a lot.

This gesture expressed his whole attitude to life!

It’s funny now but not at the time, it drove me mad and had such a detrimental effect on our family life and my children.

To Gordon, everything was hard, too difficult, not worth the effort, we couldn’t afford it. 

His attitude to life was always negative. For me living with him was like wading through treacle. His attitude held us back. It felt like I was living with a child in an adults body!

He stripped the pleasure, joy and joie de vivre from life and if I ever showed any of those I was punished with verbal abuse and with smirks, sniggers and ridicule.

He would say, ‘Alls you like is dancing’.

This gesture said, everything sucks, life is so hard, I can’t do it, I don’t want to, don’t blame me, I want my mummy. Woe is me.

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