Parental Alienation by The Narcissist Brainwashing the Child into Hating the Target Parent


In this video Dr Childress explains in a simple and succinct way what parental alienation is and the clear signs that show it has been done to the child. The text below is the transcript of the video.

This is precisiely what happened to my children thanks to their ‘loving’ father.

Three Signs that ALWAYS Indicate Child Psychological Abuse by a Narcissistic Parent

In the foundations, I lay out what the pathology is. Describe it in detail, leading to a set of three diagnostic indicators, those retractable claws that will always show up with this particular type of pathology. Cross-generational coalition with a narcissistic/ borderline parent, and will show up in no other pathology, no other pathology.

And all the mental health will produce this set of three symptoms.


The first one is attachment system suppression toward a normal range parent. The child is rejecting a normal range parent.  It’s really weird. Now we’re in attachment pathology and that says there’s pathogenic parenting somewhere.

Second system symptom is a set of five narcissistic personality traits in the child symptom display.

The child is showing five specific narcissistic symptoms,-

  • grandiose judging of the parent
  • a sense of entitlement – the parent’s supposed to meet my needs
  • absence of empathy for the parent
  • haughty and arrogant attitude towards the parent
  • splitting a demonization of the parent.

I call these the psychological fingerprints of control on the child by narcissistic parent. We cannot control the child without leaving fingerprints of that control. And so that second symptom are the fingerprints.

How does a child acquire narcissist personality traits? Is that child narcissistic? No, it’s because the parent is narcissistic influencing the child and it’s the child is picking up the attitudes of this parent towards the other parent, the absence of empathy towards the other spouse, the haughty and arrogant attitude towards the other parent.

So that’s the second symptom.

Third symptom is that victimization symptom, that trauma re-enactment false one, that the child has a fixed and false belief that they are being victimized by the normal range parenting of the targeted parent that it’s abusive, I’m being victimized because my dad took my iPhone away and it’s a fixed  and false belief in psychology, a fixed and false belief is a delusion.

And the belief that you are being victimized as a persecutory delusion, that affects only one area of the child’s life is called an encapsulated persecutory delusion. The child is showing an encapsulated persecutory delusion. Where’s that child getting that from the narcissistic borderline parent who believes this false narrative of victimized.

And so the child is acquiring this encapsulated persecutory delusion from the other parent. So we are essentially lifting the fingerprints of the pathogenic parenting from off of the child’s symptom display, no other pathology, even authentic child abuse will not show this set of symptoms.

Child isn’t have a haughty and arrogant attitude towards her abuser. They don’t have a sense of entitlement towards her abuser, Authentic child abuse doesn’t show these sets of symptoms. So we have three symptoms. We’ll always define it. When  you have a child who is this pathogenic parenting, pathology, genic Genesis creation.

So a parent who is creating pathology in the child, they’re creating developmental pathology, suppression of normal range, attachment bonding motivations, where the child’s losing a parents. They are creating a personality disorder in their child and a psychiatric delusion in the child. When you have a parent  creating that level of pathology in the child, the DSM Five diagnosis for that is V 9, 9, 5 0.51 child, psychological abuse.

And so right now in my practice, if I get this, that’s the diagnosis child, psychological abuse, that’s what I’m advocating that all mental health professionals start to use child psychological abuse. And to assess along these lines, I have little booklets that described the assessment process and how you assess for retractable claws and whether it goes Meow or bark.

It’s essentially about a six session assessment to site one session each with each of the parents, you begin to develop the symptoms, a session with the targeted parent and the child where you get to see it displayed before you, and then a session with each of the parents, again, to check their Schemos and their patterns based on all of that in about six sessions, you can say, Hey, if it’s really complicated, you can tell whether or not it’s a cat or a dog, because it’s very focused.

I’m just looking at is this pathogenic parenting by a narcissistic borderline parent. So I try to keep these other booklets brief so that they don’t have to too, so that they’re accessible foundations is the one that describes all the information.


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