The Smirk is a Provocative Tool Used By The Lesser Narcissist like Gordon. 

Gordon likes to use non verbal abuse as a means of control and gaining fuel from me.

The smirk was a provocative act he liked to use. He would smirk when I said anything and at anytime when he needed control and to draw fuel. He smirked as if to say, ‘you are a pathetic specimen of humanity and I am god!’

The smirk says, you are an idiot, I can control you, I know better. It is offensive smugness.


Gordon like to stand, hands on hips, staring at me before smirking, sniffing, throwing his head back and walking out of the room.

If ever I said anything he didn’t approve of he would do the smirk and sniff!

This video explains it perfectly.

When we first met he liked to mimic me by raising one eyebrow and staring at me. Apparently I did this and he picked up on it as a way to ridicule me. I cut my hair in a fringe eventually so he couldn’t see it.

Other non verbal tools he liked were mimicking me if used my hands when speaking and ridiculing the way I laugh.  I stopped laughing in his presence after a few years. There was nothing to laugh about when he was around anyway.


Gordon like to employ the narcissist smile and stare as a weapon of control. 

This video explains that narcissists have no empathy and real feelings so cannot ever show an authentic smile.

He like to smile in a smug and supercilious way when I said anything he didn’t like or approve of.



Eye rolling is a sign of contempt. 

Eye rolling was another popular method of provoking me, often accompanied by a smirk or a laugh.

 That was all I ever received from Gordon.

Here is a short video on eye rolling.

Gordon’s non verbal abuse also took the form of his rubbing his face at the things I said which was sometimes accompanied by a ‘what ARE you like?’

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