…..you ARE ill ‘

‘…….GET  help BEFORE you get any worse’.

‘……….if only for the sake of the children.’

In this e-mail out of desperation, I wrote to my in-laws and close friend to ask them to ask G to release the money to pay the mortgage. As you can see he didn’t like that. He attempts to say they they are ‘distant’ people so therefore I should not be including them in what he calls ‘personal arguments’. 

He considers me asking for help in getting the mortgage paid as a ‘personal argument’ and not the important matter of keeping the children’s home safe. 

You can see one of the themes he liked to use throughout our ‘marriage’ . 

For example telling  me  you ARE ill ‘   and telling me to ‘GET help BEFORE you get any worse.’

The triangulation using the children is clear when he says, ‘if only for the sake of the children.’

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