This is a transcript of a conversation I recorded with my  sister who was, soon after diagnosed as having schizophrenia. She later had the diagnosis of Bipolar made.  At the time of this my sister had a new baby.  She was hospitalized before and after the birth and I looked after her the baby while she was assessed in a Mother and Baby Unit. That is what she is referring to when she talks about her baby being taken away from her and her being ‘sectioned’. 

This conversation is a typical example of the kind of ‘conversation’ I would have with my mother when she called me, usually drunk, to rant and subject me to verbal abuse which I excused as I thought she was mentally ill when she is, in fact a narcissist and using me for fuel and to control.

This is what the trauma of living with a violent narcissist father and an utterly neglectful narcissist mother does to you. 

It also shows the way I was blamed for everything and everyone’s problems in the family. 

With hindsight, over 25 years later I see clearly that she was being manipulated by another sister, Barbara, who stole the ‘Giro’ check and blamed it on me.