The narcissist discovered that the logistics of looking after three children was not as easy as he thought.

The narcissist sent the email below on Monday 4th February 2008 complaining about how difficult his weekends with the children were and how he had no money and expected me to help him out!

This request for help and co-operation from me came at the time when his solicitor had sent a letter saying he was filing for a Residency Order because I was a bad mother. 

How did the narcissist expect to look after them full time without my help? And did he really expect me to fall in with his plans and orders when he was the full time carer? 

I was dealing with the children’s and my home being repossessed. I had fallen behind with the mortgage payments because he wouldn’t agree to release the mortgage payments from the joint bank account.

It was now over a year since the divorce was started and we were no nearer to reaching an agreement due to his obstructive and narcissistic behaviour.

And he really expected me to do what he told me to do? 

My e-mail response is below. 


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