The emails from G, the narcissist clearly show the mindset of a narcsissist. The sense of entitlement and the need for control is evident in them. The most abusive e-mails were sent by him if he failed to get his own way or I had told him I was asking other people for help, for example when he refused to agree to release the money held my solicitors accout to pay the mortgage.

When he might have been exposed to others for the kind of man he is, the defence mechanisms become strong! 

His refusal to agree to release money eventually meant the children and I almost lost our home. The bank took repossession proceedings and I had to go to court to save the house. I cashed in all my pension early and used the lump sum to pay off some of the arrears and came to an arrangement to pay off the rest.

The insults, abuse, name calling and threats using the children are typical of what I experienced on a regular basis during the divorce and obviously throughout my ‘relationship’ with the narcissist.

As you can see there is no co-operation and every interaction is fuel for him to be abusive and obstructive. His twisted thinking is  illustrated and  his ability to lie is demonstrated a number of times.

At this point in time I had no idea I was dealing with a narcissist. 

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